During this difficult time amethyst are able to support your business with the below.

Providing health & social care can be challenging at the best of times for residents, families and staff alike; throw into the mix, Covid- 19 and you have a high pressure environment which can feel overwhelming for all involved, but as care providers your residents will always be your first priority.

As a result of your continued commitment to care, you sometimes lose sight of the other priorities which enable you to maintain and sustain the viability of your business.

Keeping the costs controlled whilst maintaining a safe environment is not the easiest thing to do with all the added pressure of a pandemic.

Covid-19 has not only impacted on individual’s health and wellbeing, but additionally, increased direct costs to keep your residents and staff safe, these include the following examples:

  • PPE
  • communication tools (iPad/zoom/WhatsApp)
  • cleaning equipment
  • OSP & SSP
  • agency staff
  • enhanced activities

The Government has clearly recognised the added financial impact on providers to ensure the provision of essential equipment in care settings is always available. A £600 million IPC fund was made available to care providers in May 2020 to assist providers and with the second wave of Covid-19 predicted to hit in October 2020, additional funds of £500 million are now available.

Past experience has taught the Amethyst team that not everyone has the time or the full understanding of how to access these monies; we are pleased to announce that we have skilled personnel within the Amethyst team, that have claimed in excess of £900K for care providers, thus enabling the care providers to focus on caring and supporting both their residents and staff teams.

Access to these funds can make all the difference between keeping people safe, financial viability and long-term sustainability of a care service. Why not remove the pressure and let Amethyst take the weight off your shoulders, knowing your residents are safe and well and excess expenditure on IPC equipment is reimbursed enabling you to maintain business viability, but more importantly communicate to residents and staff that all efforts are being taken to keep everyone safe.