Tom Parramore

Tom has worked in several roles in the Health & Social Care Sector over the past 35 years encompassing NHS, Private Equity and Charity organisations.
Tom gained a passion for working in care delivery in 1986, working as a volunteer in a care of the elderly setting which inspired him to go on and complete his nurse training, qualifying as a Registered General Nurse in 1990; Tom still holds a live NMC PIN, enabling him to provide clinical guidance and support.

Once he qualified as a Registered Nurse, Tom went on to work as a staff nurse in Intensive Care but was drawn back to his first love, elderly care; he left the NHS and progressed in to a career within the independent care sector; Tom worked his way up through the ranks over the years to his most senior positions to that of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

Over Tom’s 35 years in care, he has never lost his grass roots passion for quality care, which he believes is the fundamental principal behind everything that we do in care, whether it be, caring for the elderly, younger people with mental health or learning needs and physical disability and just as importantly caring for those we work with.

Tom has extensive experience in operating numerous care facilities across both residential settings and supported living settings encompassing operational and quality roles; Tom believes that his extensive experience will be beneficial to other care operators that may not yet have the required infrastructure in place to take their business to the next level, whether this be in relation to business growth, consolidation, or transitional support until enhanced resources are established.

Additionally where long established operators wish to take a step back and semi retire from the business, Tom and the Amethyst Health & Care team are fully equipped to offer a full operational package taking over full operational responsibility, on behalf of the provider.